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child rapist goes free


i very seldom post petitions here on tumblr, but this issue is so disturbing that action should be taken. it is evil and disgraceful that an incestuous pedophile convicted of sexually molesting and raping his very own three-year-old daughter should be sentenced to probation, simply due to his prestigious social status and wealth.




If you have ever been to Portland, looked around and thought, “Where are all the Black people?”, this is the film you need to see.

Oregon has pushed laws and policies that have, both through de facto and de juris racism, tried to destroy the Black community.

Survival is resistance, and Portland’s Black population is the epitome of this concept.

UPDATES: According to their Facebook page:
We were just invited to speak and show our teaser at TEDx at the University of Oregon on April 19th. Come see us there - and check out the other speakers as well. The topic is ‘Intersections: Diversity is critical to creativity.’”

Check it out on TEDxUOregon

recommended reading if this interests you: Oregon’s Promise

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